Next Level Leadership is ...

What kind of leader would you like to be?

Next Level Leadership Coaching will help you to become the leader you need to be to embrace today’s very real challenges and to accomplish remarkable results.

Inspiring Next Level Leadership Retreats

Next Level Leadership Retreats offer participants a rare opportunity to pause, reflect, re-energise, and to be inspired to learn and apply today’s advanced leadership skills that help you build on your success to date. Be prepared to move forwards to accomplish rather than simply to achieve. Retreats take place at an exclusive country venue in the UK, a place where small is beautiful and discretion is everything. 

Next Level Coaching For Individuals

At the heart of your individual and group programmes of Next Level Coaching is the idea of an ‘uncommon conversation’. This unique dialogue provides you with an extended opportunity for deep self reflection and an immersive, proactive learning experience. This approach helps you accelerate your development and application of a repertoire of modern leadership skills. The end result transforms your ability to lead yourself and others far beyond the level of success you’ve  achieved for yourself to date. 

Next Level Coaching For Teams

Next Level Coaching for Teams focuses on how to help people work together. This is either for teams led by senior executives or for teams going through significant change. Working collaboratively we focus on finding the things that enable team members to connect with each other more closely around a common purpose, help team members understand each other so as to build more enduring relationships and to harness the unique capabilities of each individual to accomplish remarkable results..

Next Level Leadership Events

We run a series of Next Level Leadership events which bring together some of the world’s best dreamers, thinkers and doers drawn from science, the arts and commerce and public service who share a passion for inspiring people to rethink how we lead ourselves, our organisations and our communities today.

The aim is to understand what cutting edge leadership really looks, sounds and feels like today to inspire you and a new breed of leaders from all walks of life to step up and lead at the next level.

Elevate 2019 is an independent media initiative and a regular live event that takes a courageous, entertaining, socially conscious and imaginative approach to explain the idea of Next Level Leadership – what it is, who does it, how they do it and with what impact.


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