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I have an absolute passion for understanding what makes us tick and what gets in the way of our accomplishment. For example, why could I feel the fear and sky-dive anyway, but performing music in front of an audience was a step too far? That curiosity, and the desire to help others overcome their own nemesis, led me on this journey.

Since 2007 I have worked across the world coaching clients and training coaches, working at all levels of management including boardroom executives of Blue Chip organisations. 

The lessons learned from each coaching encounter have provided me with a rich vein of experience, enabling me to help my clients to say what needs to be said and let go of the stories that no longer serve a useful purpose for them.

I take a transformative coaching approach that seeks to ask the bigger question: the question that creates an undeniable shift in your understanding of your own thinking and behaviour so as to accomplish something that has – to now – been elusive. 

I integrate the most useful elements from a variety of coaching models into my GRACE coaching framework, using an Uncommon Conversation’ as the basis for each client coaching partnership and also in group or team coaching. 

This provides an opportunity to be creative and apply a much broader range of tools in a coaching context than a single model that – in some circumstances – may not achieve the desired outcome.

I believe wholeheartedly in an on going programme of Continuous Professional Development, not just from study but also from committing to ‘gnarly’ personal challenges.

Those challenges have included sky-diving, fire walking, board-breaking, beating debt and addiction and performing live music (my training in contemporary psychotherapy and the study of micro-trauma helped me crack that one!).

In 2017 I took up the challenge of Aikido and Im working towards 1st Dan Black Belt in the next 2 years at the Shudokan Academy.

Every session on the mat teaches me something new about self mastery and leadership. You can read about some of my life lessons from Aikido here.

When you need a coach who can create and hold a space for you to be listened to and truly heard without judgement or interruption…When you need a coach who will speak the truth when all around you won’t…When you need a coach to believe in you and champion you in those moments when you struggle to do it for yourself …When you want a catalyst that will support you to accelerate your own personal growth and transformation and do this with the lightest touch… I’ll be there.

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