Working Together

Photo by Perry Grone on Unsplash

Whether you are thinking about individual coaching, group coaching or considering attending a Next Level Leadership Retreat, there are certain beliefs and values that underpin this work – and which may or may not be for you. So if you believe, as I do, that the styles of leadership which got us through the 20th and early 21st centuries did the job they needed to do but are not the way leaders need to be and to behave going forward, and that there is a next level to step up to, then we are starting off on the same page. That’s a good start point. 

I believe that Next Level Leaders have that sense, deep inside, that more is possible and necessary than the out-dated styles of leadership can accomplish now. I believe that we need to create soulful workplaces where leaders encourage you to be true to yourself, aware of your passion and purpose, community focused, collaborative not competitive and to act out of service to the greatest good of all concerned (including our planet). 

I believe Next Level Leaders are not ‘lonely at the top’ because they have brought their organisation along with them by serving their people rather standing on them. They literally sit among their teams not in some distanced executive suite reminiscent of the headmaster or principal’s office.  They see the potential in others and look for their inherent strengths and goodness.

I believe Next Level Leaders stand for a bigger purpose than themselves – the age of the ‘super hero’ leader who single-handedly saves the day is over. Next Level Leaders cultivate the skills of courage in themselves, and also in all those around them so that everyone is a hero or heroine, not just the chosen few.

I believe that Next Level Leaders are comfortable with the unknown and with uncertainty. They have the emotional agility and self-mastery to cope with the unknown and are accountable to themselves and to the people they lead. They are unafraid to have the ‘uncommon conversations’ on an ongoing basis rather than hiding behind an annual appraisal system that serves no-one, least of all the person being appraised.

Do you feel you are ready to step up to that level of leadership? Do you feel you are ready to develop that level of self-mastery? Do you feel excited by the possibility that you could transform yourself and make a dent in the universe for future generations by being the Next Level Leader this world now needs? 

Yes? Then let’s work together to do just that. Get in touch and we’ll discuss which is the best next step for you.