The daily demands of life can and do – at times – overwhelm us. We seem to have insufficient time to do everything that needs to be done.

As a leader, you probably put yourself last and find yourself losing connection with the people and things that matter most to you.  This is hardly a surprise when you’re driving yourself and being expected to:

  • keep perspective and balance in an increasingly turbulent business environment
  • reconcile taking difficult decisions which often have significant human consequences attached 
  • be more agile to be able to deal with daily conflicting demands effectively, at a pace and without a pause
  • manage your energy efficiently in times where you are expected to do even more with much less
  • deal effectively with feeling like an imposter when leading high stakes, first of a kind initiatives
  • overcome the counterproductive behaviours of peers, clients and stakeholders with compassion 
  • prepare for and lead crucial conversations with internal teams and/or external clients  

It’s perhaps no wonder you can lose sight of why it is you do what you do. You don’t do this intentionally. It’s the job, right?

A Next Level Leadership Retreat provides you with an opportunity to pause, reflect and reconnect with your purpose, values and beliefs as a leader.

This is a chance to invest valuable time and energy to recharge and decompress in gentle but purposeful way.

It’s also an opportunity for your own development and growth as a leader; a chance to take a journey inwards to help you understand where you are today and what it is that may be preventing you from leading at your own Next Level.

It’s a unique space that allows time for self enquiry and insight with room for a depth of reflection that helps you reconnect with all the things that matter to you. 

It’s an opportunity to work and connect with a small group of like-minded peers who will welcome a chance to share similar stories and perspectives confidentially.

There will be plenty of  opportunity to ask questions and to say what you need to say about the challenges and pressures you face in your current leadership role. The close knit community of facilitators and participants will provide you with the support and encouragement needed to explore unchartered territory of questions such as ‘how do I handle this’ or ‘how do I stop feeling trapped’ or ‘how can I be happier in my work’ or ‘how do I deal with this very difficult person’ or ‘how do I make time to spend with my family’ or ‘where do I take my career next?’ .

The pace and flow of the Retreat programme has been carefully designed to help you restore and rebuild your capacity to be resilient in the face of uncertainty and overwhelming demands on your time, attention and energy.

The unique, secluded surroundings offer an opportunity to experience a ‘felt sense’ of being grounded and centred in yourself when you’ve perhaps been blown off course and found it difficult to get back in to balance.

When you leave you can expect to feel lighter, more energised and refreshed. You’ll be clearer about your relationship with yourself and how to take that out into the world to recalibrate the relationships with you family, your peers and colleagues, your investors and wide stakeholders.

You will feel able to express yourself even more clearly and purposefully when you return to your world. 

You’ll find it even easier to foster stronger, warmer, authentic working relationships grounded in empathy and compassion.
You’ll feel sufficiently grounded to be able to set and maintain healthy, personal boundaries between work, self and family
You’ll walk away with some simple, practical techniques to help you regulate patterns of unhelpful thoughts and emotions that interfere with your best performances.
The Retreats take place over three days. Three days to reset your inner compass and refocus.  Is this what you need right now?