What does stepping up to Next Level mean for you? To some it means moving up the corporate career ladder. To others it means taking on new challenges – inside or outside of the work environment – beyond what they thought possible To some it means have an impact, making a dent in the Universe and creating a lasting legacy. To some it means having the courage to change.

Whatever it means to you, you’ve been thinking about reaching the Next Level for some time. You’re thinking has brought you to now, ready to extend, ready to stretch, ready to grow beyond the edges of your current comfort zone.

Perhaps you’re preparing to take a step up in the corporate hierarchy into a new leadership role – a first time manager or team leader, a first time senior manager or your first role the C-Suite.

Perhaps you’ve already taken that step and are in the process finding your bearings. Perhaps you’re beyond your first 100 days. Maybe you’ve suddenly found that what got you here isn’t what’s actually needed to help you thrive and succeed at the next level.

Maybe the challenges of your role aren’t what you expected. They’re more subtle, more artful and require the cultivation of new qualities, new patterns of thinking and behaviour to flourish.

Any of this sound familiar?

What used to be easy somehow seems more difficult. What worked in the past no longer quite works in the same way that it used to and you’re either not sure why and don’t seem to have the time and space you need to figure it out.

You’re the one being asked to do and deliver more with less in an increasingly uncertain environment but to do it with the same levels of enthusiasm, energy and resolve.

You’re the one being asked to take complex and uncomfortable decisions at pace where conflicting demands are present and often with human consequences attached.

You are the one being tasked with being a pathfinder, an innovator, an entrepreneur. It’s your job to walk first into the unknown. Your job to lead first of kind projects where no-one knows the answer, yet. Your job to lead crucial conversations with clients, partners and your team and to succeed first time around. And all of this when the stakes seem precariously high.

All the while this is going on are your boundaries healthy? Do you manage and regulate unhelpful thoughts and emotions well? Can you work with counterproductive behaviours of peers, clients and stakeholders, with compassion and without losing your self in the process?  Who helps you believe in those moments when your self-belief seems to drain away?

Tall order isn’t it? 

This is why the top performers have a coach – not because they want to be the best in their field, but because they want to be the best that they can be. Because they want to do their best work, without losing their best self. Because they want to live full out in all areas of their life, not just work, and because they want to live up to their fullest potential. These are our Next Level leaders. Do you want to be one of them? 

There are individual and group coaching packages available to help you step up to your Next level.